A New Moon

Oak Rain is gone…

Yes, I did reset my town. Welcome to the town of Crescent.


I then visited town hall, followed by visiting Tom Nook!

Yes, yes it does!
Yes, yes it does!

And I received a tent to reside in.

Finally, the tree planting!





7 thoughts on “A New Moon

  1. Good luck with your new town! ^^ I really like that town name, Crescent, it appeals to me a lot and I’ve considered it in the past when it comes to town names.


  2. Wow, you restarted again? :O Good luck in Crescent! Also, the background color for your theme seems a little dark – is there any way you can change it? I just think the text would be easier to read then 😛


      1. Before Writing 201 gets underway on Monday, we thought we’d take a look back at 101. You were a prolific bunch, and seeing just how much you accomplished feels great and an is excellent way to get motivated for 201.


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