Crescent Happenings

Okay first up, I have earned my development permit!


I also made my second character, Sylvia!


My gardening shop is open!


I won the big bug-off, with a Birdwing Butterfly!


Finally, I have chosen a theme for my town! I am planning on making a cozy, rural town. I am gonna have lots of dirt paths, public works projects like the well and scarecrow. I want one of the houses to be a log cabin, another a farm. Any ideas or advice for this town would be extremely appreciated! πŸ™‚


One thought on “Crescent Happenings

  1. How about having warm, “cheerful” flowers, like red, orange, and yellow roses? On the more “cozy” side of my town, I have a lot of yellow flowers, so that’s where I got the inspiration πŸ˜› I would also put in PWPs like the classic police station, the Roost, etc. – nothing too modern or urban, but just a couple of places where the residents could gather to talk about things. Those are just my ideas, though, and if you don’t like them, don’t use them πŸ˜† Good luck with Crescent!


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