I have been making TONS of progress in town. However, I decided I did not like the rural theme, but I have found a new town theme! I will be making a town with different sections that represents different countries, cultures, etc.


I let him move away. Bye, Sterling!


First public works project!


I think I might wait a bit to build this, I wanna make my town really nice!


I temporarily made Benjamin’s house into a neat little garden!


Fireworks show!


Flower boppers!


I bought a couple of Redd cookies! I also got what I wanted, a lovely phone, but forgot to take a picture!


Playing around with sparklers and fountain fireworks!


A QR code!






5 thoughts on “Fireworks!

  1. That is a really cool idea for a town theme! I don’t think anyone has done that.
    And by the way, building a dream suite wont affect how your town looks, the dream suite goes where an unused building is in main street if your’e thinking where to put the dream suite.


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