Crescent Happenings II: A Brief Recap


Glitch time!


Yay! First PWP suggestion!


New shops!


I was really surprised when I saw this grass color, it was so pretty!


First Shampoodle visit!


3 thoughts on “Crescent Happenings II: A Brief Recap

  1. Yeah, you might think the grass is pretty now, but just wait until we all get into the fall grass colors… And then you can say bye bye to the chance of any paths or flowers looking nice with your grass… -_-
    I like your new hair, by the way! 🙂


  2. I love the walking on water glitch 😛 Have you tried glitching over a cliff onto the water below?
    Marina is right. The autumn colours coming next are really ugly, the AC:WW autumn look was way better.
    Your hair is nice!


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