Happy Home Designer Day One: Roscoe & Pecan


With Crescent being in the middle of landscaping, I had to earn some bells to fix up the town. So I hesitantly took on a part-time job as an interior designer in a far-away, which surprisingly, was ran by some of my friends back at Crescent. I was given a warm greeting by Digby, Lyle, Tom Nook, and a newcomer known as Lottie, who lived in this town. I had to admit, I was uneasy at first when I saw how run-down and sleepy the town was, but the warm welcome cheered me right up. Lottie stepped forward and explained that we would soon begin my training. And, just like that, I was whisked off to a practice room. However, I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders, as this was for a real client.

HNI_0048 (1)

Lottie gave me a speech about how I was tailoring a room fit perfectly for a female client, who was a fan of all things cute, and wanted a room with a lovely atmosphere. So, in a word, I had to create an utterly charming room.


I was very pleased with the final product, which included a fashionable wardrobe, a small (but charming kitchen) and an area for the client to hang out with her friends.


Then, in a sudden plot twist, this was a room for Lottie. I’m really glad I put my all into this room, as it turns out Lottie didn’t even have a bed. (Though wouldn’t it have made more sense for her to design a room herself, since that’s pretty much her profession?)


The next morning, Lottie gave me my first official task- to design a home for a dog known as Goldie. Goldie gave me a spiel about how she enjoyed quite days in the countryside and was an avid reader.


Before she let me begin remodeling, she game me two last hints:

She wanted a retreat where she could read and relax.


And second of all, she wanted a forest of books, which could be taken literally.


She was super excited upon completion.



I tried to make her a cozy little cottage made for holding book clubs.


She then asked me to hold her first book clubs by calling some of my friends over with my Amiibo Cards. She even asked me to take some pics.


So, Goldie, Kyle, Yuka, and Monique had a blast at their book club tea party!


The next day, I was assigned to create a house for a peculiar little deer named Lopez, who wanted to live a stylish, metropolitan lifestyle.


Just like Goldie, Lopez was quite exuberant to explore his new house.


I wasn’t a big fan of the Minimalist, Stripe, or Astro sets, but ultimately I combined Modern and Minimalist to create a stylish atmosphere. It was difficult to work the glass partitions into the design, but in the end, I think I managed to pull through, with a house full of technology, music, and coffee.


My third task was to make a new home for a squirrel named Pecan who wanted a chic room with high-quality furniture.


As always, Pecan was excited to see her house, but I forgot to capture it on camera. Anyways, I kind of think this was a low point for me. I was a  bit uninspired, despite how much I loved the regal furniture. Oh well.


The next morning, I was shocked to find my close friend Isabelle waiting for me. She had wanted to discuss some town development with me tomorrow, which was a pleasant surprise. We hadn’t long to talk though, for I had work to do.


I found a horse named Roscoe who adored the colors Black and White, so I ha to incorporate those carefully into this design.


Roscoe was, of course, very ecstatic to live in his new house.


I turned his once bleak space into a sleek Café bursting with personality!


And he especially loved the music I added to his house for a touch of personality.


As I tiredly shuffled into this office, happy that I had pleased another customer, Lottie reminded me about Isabelle one final time.

I had a good feeling about what was to come for this quaint little town.

(And that part about Crescent landscaping? It was real, so keep your eyes peeled for updates about Crescent and its villagers.)






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