Announcements + 365 Days Challenge!

Hello everyone! Wow, I’ve had a long hiatus. Do not worry, Crescent is still alive and better than ever! However…




I have another copy of Animal Crossing! I’ll also be taking the 365 Days Challenge which means:

-Play Animal Crossing for 365 Days straight.

-Keep the same town.

-Keep a blog about your challenge.

-No Time Travelling, ressetting, or diving tricks.

The goal is to be able to look back when you’re done and go “Wow! Look what I’ve done! I can do anything!” However, one last announcement remains…


There’s fun in numbers, so for the first time ever, I’ll be joined by a friend on A Crescent Moon as we share our stories, ideas, and guides to Animal Crossing. I’m happy to announce that my close friend and sister Audrey will be joining the Crescent Moon staff. Stay posted for more updates!



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