Day 1: The New Mayor

I smiled as the glare of the bright screen was cast upon my face. To an outsider, it would look like a simple, pixelated train. But I knew better- I knew the train meant the start of a new adventure.


I had named the town Wisteria, and though at first I had reservations about choosing it, because I had brainstormed many other names, as I stepped off the train, any regerets immediately disappeared. I was excited to get a sneak peek at my villagers- A camoflauge frog. A scrappy-looking dog. A makeup-covered penguin. I spoke to Isabelle for a moment in the town hall, before I went house-hunting.

I thought it would be easy. How wrong I was.


The problem is, my river is shaped like a big horseshoe. I either had to be scrunched up at the top with the villagers, town hall, and re-tail, trapped at the point right above the southernmost point of the river, with the river blocking east, south, and west, and the town plaza blocking north, or crushed at the bottom of the map, between the river and the beach. There were a couple other spots, but they’d be very inconvenient in the long-term. Finally, I decided on the third option, and it’s actually pretty cozy. I can fall asleep to the waves crashing in the ocean and wake up to a morning of fishing in my backyard. Maybe my options weren’t so bad after all.


Then I participated in a ceremony to plant a tree, whoch symbolized the town, as it would grow along with Wisteria.


Once I had planted it, I was crowned mayor. And as I looked upon the cheering animals, I knew this would be a great year.






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