Days 3&4: Late-Night Hours

Last Time: A special visitor washed ashore as I scrambled to gather seashells, plant fruit, and more!

Day 3: Housewarming Gifts!


The cherry blossoms look so pretty dancing through the clear night sky!


Isabelle gave me a welcoming gift to really bring the spirit of camping to life, a lantern!


Plus I got Gulliver’s souveneir, which was a Mermaid Statue. I hope he enjoyed his vacation. 🙂


Unfortunately, Mac wanted to update his fashion. As much as I tried, I couldn’t talk him out of it. Oh well, I guess it could be worse. (It gets worse.)


Moving past the Mac dilema, I had to greet a mew neighbor. If anyone would like Fuschia the Uchi deer in theor town, let me know, and I’ll make sure to give her to you when she wants to move!

Day 4: A Nightime Stroll


We already have another mew neighbor interested in Wisteria! How he can live in Crescent and Wisteria simultanelusly, I have no idea. But still cool!


Redd’s tent was set up in town today! It’s always a treat when Redd’s in town, because I love collecting art in this game. It’s so nice to walk around the museum and read about famous art from around the world!


I managed to grab a legitimate Quaint Painting!


I told you it got worse. Ugh, he started using Fuschia’s catchphrase. Which would soon change to…


I chose the name after a color, since Fuschia’s name happened to be a color!


Isabelle then advised that I take up a hobby in Wisteria, so I chose bug-catching. I purchased a net from Isabelle and set off to catch three kinds of bugs. I couldn’t find anythimg that night, but little did I know that something big was on the horizon.

Next Time: A fising frenzy sweeps over Wisteria, and while some residents fish up some victory, others fish up some rivalries.



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