I have been making TONS of progress in town. However, I decided I did not like the rural theme, but I have found a new town theme! I will be making a town with different sections that represents different countries, cultures, etc. I let him move away. Bye, Sterling! First public works project! I think […]

Crescent Happenings

Okay first up, I have earned my development permit! I also made my second character, Sylvia! My gardening shop is open! I won the big bug-off, with a Birdwing Butterfly! Finally, I have chosen a theme for my town! I am planning on making a cozy, rural town. I am gonna have lots of dirt […]

A New Moon

Oak Rain is gone… Yes, I did reset my town. Welcome to the town of Crescent. I then visited town hall, followed by visiting Tom Nook! And I received a tent to reside in. Finally, the tree planting!    

Mayor Benjamin’s Birthday

Sorry I have not posted for a while, I have just been super busy. Also, not much in my town has happened during May, so there will not be posts for May in my town. With that out of the way, I celebrated my birthday recently! I woke up to find one of my favorite […]

Out Like a Lamb…

Not very much has happened lately but… Some villagers have moved in: And as for Bunny Day… I had to jump through hoops to get a wetsuit for the occasion, but eventually I gathered all the eggs! And I was rewarded with an egg basket! I earned the topiary project, which I’m excited about, since […]

In Like a Lion…

Wow, a lot of things have happened lately! To start off, I’d like to show what my town looked like during Cherry Blossoms. Also I had my first wi-fi! We traded fruits: cherries for durians. And then we chatted with villagers. Then I visited her town! We didn’t wi-fi for very long but I still […]